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Episode #4: Knahaten Flu

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Itunes sizeOn Wednesday Febuary 5th 2014 we recorded our fourth episode of Skooma Junkies! Assaulted with every possible thing that could have gone wrong and two hosts fighting the deathly grip of the Knahaten Flu, this episode is lucky to make the air, as almost all of our recorded content got deleted, and Kitty (who is a god and miracle worker) had to copy and paste the entire show together from parts of the livestream recording, and two other recording files, each incomplete!  And here, just for you, a complete recording of the entire show from front to back! A little rough around the edges, but pretty damn good considering (hence why Kitty is a god, all bow down). Next week, because of your amazing patience in putting up with this weeks roller coaster, we will have a very special surprise for you at the beginning of the episode, which everyone is sure to enjoy!

This week we had a new developer question of the week for you, beta invites, ask us anything, class discussion, Ebonheart Pact lore and much, much more! Tune in to hear us talk about the games we love and Elder Scrolls Online which we are waiting for so eagerly!

You can listen to this episode, as always, here on this page or on iTunes, Stitcher Radio or the Podkicker App!

KittyEpisode #4: Knahaten Flu